(Petaurus breviceps)an Australian Marsupial Comes to Visit the Classroom!
    by BethAnn Mayberry
ABOUT Sugar Gliders...

"Petaurus breviceps," Animal Diversity Web

This site is a project for university and covers some of the basic scientific information of sugar gliders such as the scientific classification, habitat, descriptions.  Basically what you would have found in a good encyclopedia.

Wildlife of Tasmania: The
Sugar Glider

This has some varied
information like an
encyclopedia, but has the added
benefit of a sound byte of the
unique sound of sugar gliders

Thesis on Enrichment

This site is about how to prepare enrichment for captive gliders for zoos and private caretakers.  Student’s might prepare an imaginary zoo exhibit, planning the enrichment.

Sugar Glider Diets

Recipes for Glider Diets in Captivity.  Sugar gliders eat a special diet in captivity to copy what they might eat
in the wild.  These are some options.

Sugar Glider Neighborhood

This is a message board community full of sugar glider loving people who know a lot and can answer any questions.  People with experience with these animals have many stories about them and practical information.

Sugar Glider LINKS...

Sugar Glider Central

Sugar Glider Central has a good index, mostly to aid in caring for sugar gliders in captivity.  Central is very well respected, used by zoo curators and breeders alike. This site has links relating to the legality of keeping gliders, reputable breeders, habitat information, etc.

Open Directory

The Open Directory is a site with links, almost all about keeping sugar gliders as pets.
Some of these links are reputable, some are personal sites that could go either way.
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TEACHING about Sugar Gliders...

Australian Animals,
a lesson plan

A lesson plan on Australian Animals, written by Kendra Drake, teaches 1st graders about Australian Animals, using visual aids and websites.

Endangered Australian Animals

This lesson site has comprehension questions and links to find the answers about various Australian Animals.  It says "Australia has many kinds of animals that are found no where else in the world. Sample these Internet sites and complete the activities for each one to learn about the factors that are endangering some of the most remarkable animals in the world."

Australia's Marvelous Marsupials

This UEN site has links to information about sugar gliders' cousins... more marsupials from Australia.  The information is interesting and well-substantiated.