Only a few days before he came out of little Nani's pouch I discovered a surprise... an impending baby and like I said only a day or 2 later there he was!!!!
Mama Epiphany!
Daddy Heber!
Diego has 3 fuzzy family members who love him A LOT... Nani (mom), Heber (dad) AND Lilo (auntie/babysitter)... and every human who meets him!
The Proud Padres!
Joey in pouch!
2 days OOP
    (and my
3 days OOP
    (and my
     thumb again)
Eventually (in a time I hope goes SLOW because I don't want to do it!)  Diego will get to go to a worthy forever home.  If you think you may be it, contact me... more concrete information to come.
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