The Story of Plicethenese
Heber had just been fixed when UH OH it was evident he would, in fact be a daddy after all and we awaited Nani's Bump.  But  NERVOUSLY, as the Reluctant Mama Nani had cannibalized her first Baby Diego (which was a big reason for GETTING daddy Heber's pockets Picked!).

Sadly, within a day of someone ALMOST coming OOP our fears were confirmed and Nani ate the second baby she ever had, a little girl.  And with a broken heart we assumed that this surprise would be our last.

But then, a few days before Christmas we spotted HIM.  An even SMALLER twin, but still alive and nursing!  Trying not to get our hopes up, we watched closely.  When he came OOP, it was not long before Nani made it clear that this one would also not be tolerated.  For 3 days we supplemented, but on the 3rd day, Christmas Eve, I heard an awful sound and found Nani had eaten away the side of her joey's face.

It was then that the decision was made at last he would be MINE, not hers, if by some miracle he survived. 

And the Christmas Miracle, well, came true.  Each day we expected to say good-bye but he fought hard and so did we and Plicethenese (aka: Kitty, because of little cousins over for Christmas) survived.

Even with his wounds he grew to be a BEAUTIFUL glider, the perfect blend of his parents and just down right ADORABLE!  His eyes were sadly scarred and his difficulties make him fearful and he crabs for awhile before calming down and chirping wonderfully in your ear.  He is a complete MIRACLE and is FIERCLY LOVED and PROTECTED by all he meets.  A furry little heart breaker, that one!
UPDATE: Bitter-Sweet Joy!
I recently had surgery and I could NOT get him a friend and he could NOT be in the same cage as his parents and auntie.  SO therefore the cutest baby in the world was up for adoption to the RIGHT person.  It breaks my heart, but I want my critter as happy as possible!

Well, at last a home was found and a better home could NOT be found!  Plice is now part of Ed's family... he is the 10th glider, all boys fixed or soon will be.  They are fed BML, have huge cages, beautiful soft pouches, wheels, toys, treats, and he will likely finally have a FRIEND!!!!!!!  But most importantly he will be loved and cuddled as much as he deserves... ie: A  LOT!!!

I will miss my boy terribly, but I can't imagine how blessed we have been in finding this perfect home!.
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(Thanks Amy!  Oh, and of course THANKS ED & family!)