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"What ARE they?"
Sugar Gliders!
Sort of like a flying squirrel, but a marsupial.  These  "Floxie Doxies" come from the trees of Australia and are very demanding, difficult, high-maintenance pets (but completely enchanting and hilarious!)

"Are they even LEGAL?"
Depends. Depends where you are and your circumstances.

"What do you feed them?"  There are a a few possible diets, and a TON of controversy.  Therefore, I can really only say what I feed MINE. which is a version of HPW.  I also like, and used to feed, BML.

"Where do you keep them?"
Usually on me!  But when I am asleep (they are, afterall, even more nocturnal than my insomniac self) in a cage.  I am in the process of making a glider room. (Oh I have plans, I tell you!) but for now this is my smaller cage (the toys change at least weekly.) The larger cage they use most often now is a 7 foot Reptarium.

"Can I have one of yours, you know, when you are tired of them?"
Well, Eventually I WILL say good bye to my fuzzbutts, like in 15 years or so.  (June 2011 I said goodbye to Heber due to a tumor on his stomach.) But at that point I really planned on burying them, you know, because they'd be dead. Unless I die first, my dears are mine for LIFE... mine or theirs.  And so, no.  Unless I am dead.  And STILL no. Just because you asked that You will NOT be considered for custody in my will. (And oh yes, they WILL be in my will.  MY GLIDERS ARE MY BABIES!!!)
for some
Meet My
(and Baby Plicethenese!)
Heber RIP
   21 June 2011
"Where did you get them?"
Epiphany was daughter of Rebecca's Nibblet & Meeko(?) and Lilo was daughter of Elisabeth's Phia & Teeco both of My Sugar High in Utah.  Heber was a rescue, originally from a flea market in Texas.  Plicethenese was a surprise and Heber's last ditch effort to have a son with Nani before getting fixed.

"Are they easy to take care of?"
NO.  I love them to pieces but do a TON of research before adopting a glider.  They are wonderful, but hard hard work and can live 15 years so it is no small commitment.

"Are they a good pet for a child?"
I'm asked this far too often to include it all here, so I just wrote a dedicated page on it here.

Are they good with other pets? Despite what some unscrupulous mill breeders say, not usually no.  Do I HAVE other pets? YES. But I do not leave them unattended with the suggies. EVER. You can meet them here.
If you have OTHER questions, feel free to ask in my guestbook or email me!
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Read about
them all in their VERY OWN BLOG written in "their" words,
We Sugars 3 (from a Glider POV)
So, it's not exactly one-stop shopping BUT anything you buy from my Amazon store, I get a percentage of.
I searched like mad for things good enough for my suggies.  So, if you feel like earning us some mealies for the month, take a look!
"I live in Utah and want to see your gliders and other animals and learn about where they are from. How can I do that?"

You can certainly hire me for a
class or party at Critters 2 Go.  You'll have a fun Safari right in your own home with sugar gliders, as well as a chinchilla, a hedgehog, a bearded dragon, leopard geckos, a tortoise, and more.
Utah Sugar Glider Lovers! PLEASE PLEASE JOIN!!!! We NEEEEEEED you!

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Critters Conference?
Go Bananas over Gliders with others who feel the same!
Teaching a class or doing a report on sugar gliders?
This page may help. 

Also, if you are in the Utah County area, check out Critters 2 Go and schedule
a visit by
some sugar
gliders to
your class!